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Experienced Computer Crimes Defense.

If you're here you may be the focus of a police investigation for computer crimes. You need a strong Bryan-College Station Computer Crimes Defense Attorney immediately.




The police seize computers and storage devices, like CDs, DVDs, and hard drives from your home (or business) when they have reasonable cause to believe the devices contain contraband. ALWAYS REQUIRE A SEARCH WARRANT! The police then use computer forensic experts to analyze your property and build criminal charges against you. My firm takes an aggressive approach to defending such charges by hiring independent computer experts to develop defenses against these allegations.


Defending Computer Crimes is Complex.

Computer crimes such as possession of child pornography, solicitation, and predatory criminal sexual assault are very serious charges, which can have a devastating affect on your future. The police also investigate persons for improperly photographing or video-taping others. Prosecutors in the Bryan|College Station area take a very hard line against those accused of these crimes. In fact, many computer crimes are felonies, which can carry lengthy prison sentences. Also, computer crimes also carry the possibility of lifetime registration as a sex offender.


Police officers often pose as minors in chat rooms and readily engage in sexual conversations with other chat room visitors. Many adults are arrested by police when they attempt to meet the person who was posing as a minor. They may be charged with solicitation of a child to commit sex acts, or other serious crimes. The defense for many computer sex crimes related to chat room conversations may be entrapment, since police officers posing as minors often aggressively pursue meeting the adult. I am a computer crime defense lawyer and will examine email records, text message records, and other material to find out what was really said and what can be proven.


Call now if the police are investigating you. You need a strong criminal defense attorney to protect and fight for you. We are trained to help.



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